Kathryn Athanasoulas, Director

Adult and Angel
Angel, 7-12 yrs. old

Why Should I Join? 

Lovers of music never have to ask this question. They like to listen and enjoy sounds that are pleasing to the ear. They are moved by the beautiful sounds of Byzantine music. They enjoy sharing their talents with others while giving praise to God. Whatever the reason, they are driven to sing.

If you have been blessed with the ability to sing you should be sharing this talent with your fellow parishioners each week. We need to perpetuate our choirs by adding new voices, especially the youth. It is everyone’s obligation to give back the blessings bestowed upon us. Those who sing our hymns pray twice.

For Your Information

The Choir

They are all volunteers. They have families, many of them work and have as little time to spare as any one else in our community. Yet they sing for the benefit of everyone at Holy Trinity and to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are a friendly group.

Our choir is a member of the Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians. Many members participate in the annual conference and workshops. Our New Jersey district is also very active in the annual Holy Cross Celebration in Asbury Park, a Christmas Concert in a different parish each year, and a Lenten Musical Offering (concert) held each year on the Friday before Holy Week in various parishes. These extra activities are on a volunteer basis.

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Angel Choir

The purpose of the Holy Trinity Angel Choir is to glorify God through song while promoting a lifetime love of music, through the gift of the Holy Spirit. We will strive for excellence in singing and understanding the rich musical heritage of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Each Sunday the Angel Choir sit in the first pew near the choir and sing any part of the Liturgy that they know along with the Adult Choir. They follow the blue Liturgy book in the pews. Some hymns will be sung by the Angel Choir alone once they have rehearsed them. They are featured on the Solea during Communion. The robes are numbered and assigned to each child and returned to the hangars before going to Religious Education classes. A rehearsal tape is provided for practice at home. There are opportunities for extra participation in workshops, the Christmas Concerts, the annual Lenten Concert, and the Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians annual conferences.

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