Holy Trinity Scouts
“Duty, Service, and Love of God.”


The first thing that a Boy Scout promises (“On my honor”) is to “do my duty to God…” Similarly, a Girl Scout first promises “to serve God.” The Holy Trinity Scouting Ministry helps these words come alive in the hearts of all our Scouts. Our church provides sacraments, services like the Divine Liturgy, fellowship, and Religious Education. The Scouting Ministry tries to link all those beautiful gifts together and show our Scouts how God’s love operates not just on Sunday, but in their everyday lives, including their Scouting activities. We believe that duty and service to God become spiritually meaningful when our Scouts are motivated by knowing and loving God and experiencing His love for them.

Our religious awards program, sponsored by the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting (EOCS), offers Scouts the chance to go deeper in their knowledge and love for the Lord. They work through an age-appropriate booklet with the help of an adult advisor and earn a medal that is part of their official uniform from that point onward. The St. George Medal is for Grades 1-3, Chi Rho for Grades 4-5, and Alpha Omega for Grades 6-12. Please contact Fr. Peter or Miriam Kotsonis, to start an award booklet. We currently have a record number of Alpha Omega recipients among our Scouts in high school: eight!

Holy Trinity Scouts often dedicate major service projects for Eagle, Gold, or Silver awards to helping our parish or to other Orthodox charities. In recent years, other Scouts have also used their projects to help our Orthodox Church in a variety of ways. For example, Caroline Maglaras’ project familiarized our senior parishioners with new technologies, and Alexandra Maglaras assisted with a church summer camp and a Holy Friday retreat for our children. Julia Love collected photos of our parish, produced video interviews with some of our founders, and created a beautiful slide presentation for our 50th Anniversary luncheon. Molly Love inventoried all the old Greek dance costumes, then led a drive to help purchase a new regional costume for the entire Holy Trinity dance troupe. Rebecca Kotsonis held a Project Mexico book fair here at church, sending hundreds of children’s books in Spanish to fill the library shelves of St. Innocent Orthodox Orphanage. For her Gold Award, she wrote a history of the Holy Trinity Parish that provided key information for our 50th Anniversary book, photographed archival documents, and made audio recordings of elders now no longer with us. We encourage all Holy Trinity Scouts to speak with Fr. Peter and Miriam Kotsonis about ways to focus their service projects on their Orthodox faith.

Our Scouts are also invited to several exciting events in 2020. In April, Orthodox Scouts from NY and NJ will be travelling to Washington DC for special tours. A bus will be leaving from St John the Theologian in Tenafly. In July, the Girl Scouts will be holding a national jamboree in Orlando FL. The EOCS will be represented for the first time, with Holy Trinity Girl Scouts also welcome. In October, the annual EOCS retreat will be held at Holy Cross/Hellenic College in Brookline Massachusetts. Again, our Scouts are invited to participate along with troops and other individual Scouts from NY and NJ Orthodox churches.

We welcome Scouts of all ages as members of our “virtual” Holy Trinity Scouting organization. Our activities and programs all have the goal of growing closer to God, which transforms duty and service to God into acts of love and joy. If you are a parent of a Scout and have not heard from Miriam Kotsonis yet, please send email to mekotsonis@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list.

Miriam Kotsonis, Scouting Ministry Advisor