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Sunday, November 21, 2021 is Stewardship Sunday


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Our homes are safe and familiar places. But they are also sacred spaces. In this space, we flourish and can be ourselves by loving those within the sacred walls of our home. Holy Trinity is similar in that our church offers us another sacred place to call home. It is a place of prayer, comfort, spiritual healing, contemplative silence, and celebration. By loving those within its sacred space, we come to know our Lord. We are at home in church with the familiar smells of fragrant incense, the sounds of hymns and prayers, the taste of Holy Communion and the antidoron (the blessed bread). Both our homes and the church are places to which we may always return being joyously received in the loving and warm embrace of family.

We are brothers and sisters in Christ – a family of faith.

One Orthodox Christian author writes about the Ecclesia (the Church), “This Ecclesia exists when the dispersed, divided, self-preoccupied people unite and become a family, where people see one another as brothers and sisters, with God as their common father, and try to share whatever they have and whatever they are, and be united in heart and soul” (P. Faros in Functional and Dysfunctional Christianity).           

Our church is so much more than a building. Holy Trinity is a place of comfort, support and healing. It is where we meet and make true Christian friends that last a lifetime. And no matter where we go in the world, we can always come home to the Orthodox Church to be surrounded by a family’s embrace and look upon the same familiar elements that make up a church: altar, iconostasis (icon screen), altar table, iconography, candles, etc.

Church is a place to visit regularly since it is the gathering-spot of faithful people. As we assemble in the name of the Lord, the believer is grafted into the Tree of Life and is assimilated into the Body of Christ. When we truly become members of the church, transfigured by faith and worship, then we become what the church intended us to be. As Saint Paul writes to the Ephesians, “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God” (Ephesians 2:19).

Unity in the Church

We enter the church, our spiritual home, not to be entertained but to become part of a community who offers praise to our Lord. By worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ and by partaking of Holy Communion, we become united to Him. As we pray, worship, and serve together in a ministry of love, then we become His Body. As each person does this, we then grow spiritually as a family of faith. At this point, we begin to experience the eternal kingdom being lived presently in this world while at the same time witnessing God’s love.

“…in the Church, we live eternal life starting from now. We do not simply await the life to come, but we experience and enjoy it from the present. The Kingdom of God, according to the Fathers, is not life beyond the grave but rather communion with God…”                   
          – Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos

In our spiritual home, we grow together as we share our spiritual life. We give sacrificially to support our local parish because when we give of our first fruits, we set our priorities on God and have a constant reminder that all we are and all we have are His.

We are stewards of the Gospel and of our church. We offer our treasure and ourselves sacrificially, so that, as members of the Body of Christ, we may reach our full potential in Him.

2022 Holy Trinity Stewardship

Stewardship Pledge Cards are now being collected. Please mail in your 2022 Pledge Card by March 1.

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Helping One Another

In 2022, Holy Trinity’s Stewardship Commitment or offering to the parish for 2022 is:


Worship & Ministry:           $140,900

Keeping in touch:                $65,600

Maintaining Buildings:        $292,000

Those who serve us:           $420,000

National Ministries:            $120,000

Total:                                 $1,038,500

To reach this goal each Steward is asked to contribute to the parish $1,800/year

Stewardship Commitment Card

Private and Confidential

Your Stewardship Pledge is kept in confidence by your priest. Jesus taught that our giving should be done quietly, generously and out of sight of others. If you wish to revise your pledge during the year for any reason, you may send a note to the parish priest indicating your intentions.

Weekly Giving

You may remit your pledge in the manner that suits you best. Since small regular contributions are easier to manage, it is suggested that your contribution be made on a weekly basis. “On the first day of every week (Sunday), each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income.” (1Corinthians 16:2)

For your convenience, you may remit your pledge via Credit Card using our secure online Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Web Donations .  Stewardship donations can be charged to your Credit Card on a Weekly, Monthly or Annual basis.

Donate Securities

A gift of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) is easy to make. These special donations help sustain the ongoing ministries of Holy Trinity. It is greatly appreciated, simple to do, and may result in significant tax savings for you. Click here to download Donation Form.